Friday, August 14, 2009

First Blog Post!!!

Hey guys!
I've decided I have to get into this whole Blogging thing. Bear with me, I haven't actually written anything since High school English, so I'm a bit rusty... it'll come back though.

Last night I worked on an amazing Photo shoot with Steven Fox Photography and one of my absolute favorite models Kelsey Scheider. We did a little bit of beach stuff, then we did some test stuff for a lingerie company. Care to take a peek at a few of the shots we got?

Here you go....

We started out on the beach.

Then Kelsey went for a swim and I threatened her that even though she's VERY strong, and going into the Air force, I would KICK HER BUTT if she fell in the water and messed up her hair and makeup. HAHAHA

Kelsey was channeling Simba... getting ready to pounce!

Such a beautiful face!

Sultry look!



As you can see, I was VERY happy with the outcome from the shoot. This wasn't the first time I'd worked with Kelsey, actually, if you look at my website, Kelsey practically overtakes the website. Se is a FANTASTIC model. This WAS, however, the first time I'd worked with Steven Fox. We'd been trying to get a shoot going for quite some time, but we've both been so busy with wedding season, that its been tough. So I'm very happy that we could work something out, and his work met all of my expectations!

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