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Vendor Review: Chic Chair Covers, LLC

"To me, we aren't just setting up chair covers and sashes. The end product adds so much class to the ambience of the room, and that's why I'm so passionate about what I do. I love seeing how our products transform a room to be memorable, elegant, and of course, very chic" - Bianca Tompsett

Hello Everyone! Its January! A brand new year! It seems to me like this year brides are planning details way earlier than previous years, I've already started booking clients into 2011! I thought I'd share with you a GREAT vendor to add to your planning list.

First, a little story about a mistake I made at my wedding. When I got married, we decided to cut some corners... you know, save a little money. I though chair covers were an unnecessary added expense, so we skipped them. I'll tell you, everything about my wedding was perfection. It was THE wedding I'd been dreaming about since I was six years old, walking down the driveway with a handful of plastic roses and white lace skirt on my head. There is ONE thing I regret though, ask any of my family members, I've been groaning about it since my wedding, two and a half years ago... I skipped chair covers. That one element that I though nobody would miss, chair covers, is the one thing that will always plague me about my wedding. Don't make my mistake.

In comes Bianca Tompsett, owner of Chic Chair Covers, LLC. Bianca and I have been in touch for a little over four months, and I truly feel her business is extraordinary. Not only does she run an extremely fine tuned, reputable, client centered company, Bianca is also a genuinely good person, who is obviously passionate about what she does. I asked Bianca a few questions about herself and her company. I urge you to check out Bianca's work for yourself... you won't be disappointed.

1. How did you get into chair cover rentals?
I graduated from Ferris State University's College of Business, with the intent of working with events by planning them or marketing events. After graduation, I worked in radio and helped out with events the station promoted. I quickly realized radio wasn't for me and ended up in a part-time position not dealing with events. I continued searching for that full-time job I would love, but no luck. I soon realized that if I wanted a job in Michigan, I would have to create one myself. I missed dealing with events, and had many compliments about my husband and I's reception decor so began to brainstorm ideas. The question I asked myself was, "What decoration detail made the biggest impact in our reception hall?" Of course! It was the chair linens. Had we not had those, our reception wouldn't have had that 'put together' elegant look and feel. It all started with that idea.

2. What sets you apart from your competitors?
I am passionate about what I do, and I offer some services for free that others often charge for or don't offer at all. We do the set-up and steaming for free. We also do tear-down for free, however please refer to our website about tear-down because some reception halls the lessee may be responsible for tear-down. I individually steam each chair cover on-site so that it's wrinkle free. My team is well trained and the quality organza sashes are tied tightly so they stay on the chairs for the duration of the event.

I've been a guest at far too many receptions where the couple uses chair linens, but the sashes are on the floor by the end of the night. One thing you'll notice about our high quality organza sashes is that they're slightly thicker than our competitors, so it stays on the chair and holds it form better than others.

3. What are your favorite parts about your job?
I absolutely love hearing back from my clients after the event, whether that be reviews on wedding wire, an email, or a note in the mail. It makes me feel so good when I hear how much my clients loved the way the reception looked with our chair linens.

4. Have you noticed any trends with reception decor?
I've done a lot of brown sash receptions for the fall and seen a lot of red and orange centerpieces. The reception I did the end of September was a perfect example of this, and can be viewed on our
blog dated 10.02.09. Black has also been very popular. I've seen it used in winter months, as well as in the summer. But in the summer the centerpieces are always a lot brighter in colors and often use more floral arrangements. I was kind of surprised! Getting into this, I expected more colors. But, it seems many brides are using colors in the centerpieces and darker colors for the sashes. I've seen a lot of brighter sash colors used with matching floral centerpieces as well (as pictured here).

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