Monday, February 22, 2010

Matt Giraud Concert Makeup

One of my favorite types of makeup applications is stage makeup. There is something SO exciting about seeing your work displayed on stage. Even men need their makeup done for the stage, and while a male makeup application is not quite as creative as a female application, its still every bit as exciting! About a month ago I had my second chance to do makeup for one of Matt Giraud's shows. You may remember him from the top five contestants of season eight "American Idol." Since AI, he has his own thing going, and he's doing really well! Matt actually has a single on iTunes right now, a duet with fellow singer Anna Wilson called, "You Don't Know Me." Here are a few photos from the makeup application.

Here is a photo of my amazing assistant and very talented sister, Lacy, and Me backstage while the show was going on.

Everyone have a great week!!! Love ya!

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